15 ways to store and display your books at home

6. In addition to stacking books, you can use a bookshelf as a partition in an open-plan home, spacious bedroom or office.

7. Use decorative baskets to hide your books under the bed and keep them out of sight. Opt for different baskets to separate your books into your favorite categories (old and new, fiction and non-fiction, thriller, romance, etc.)

8. Move your favorite coffee table books right under the table to free up space and make it more functional.

9. If you are staying in a detached house, villa or townhouse, turn the area under the staircase soffit into a beautiful display nook. Spruce it up further with houseplants and other decorative elements to break up the monotony of bookshelves.

10. Get creative with your bed design and use the headboard to store and display your books. You can also make smart use of space and frame a shelf around the door.

11. Make best use of unused corners by creating a tower of books or introducing a revolving shelf for storage and display.

12. Leave no empty wall! Introduce floating shelves or corner shelves in materials like glass or wood, and use them to stack your books. You can use bookends to group those of similar size together.

13. Organize your books alphabetically or separate them into different categories like fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, art books, encyclopedias, etc. You can also make a statement by separating them by color and creating a vibrant display.

14. Use a rolling cart for storage. Do not stack them too tightly to allow adequate air circulation between each.

15. Improve the functionality of a hallway and turn it into a library. It’s a great way to introduce color and texture and show off your interesting collection!

Pro tip: We strongly recommend that you implement a dusting routine, keep books away from damp walls and direct sunlight, and regularly check for termites or any such infestation in case wooden cabinets.

Colin L. Johnson