Bert’s Books opens in the Old Town on Monday

An independent bookstore will open Monday in the Old Town.

Alex Call aka ‘Bert’ established online bookstore ‘Bert’s Books’ in 2019 and is now achieving his long-term goal of opening a physical store.

The store will open in the former In House offices in Godwin Court.

Alex previously told The Adver: “It had been a longtime dream to open a real bookshop and eventually, after a few false starts, I got my hands on the keys to my own shop.

“I can’t wait to swap book recommendations with the people of Swindon! It’s a bit daunting, but I’m determined to make it a success.”

When Bert’s Books first opened online in 2019, Alex offered bundles of books suitable for all types of readers.

Each month, he goes through all the new versions of the book to choose the best for each batch.

Customers can choose to get one-time packages or as a monthly subscription.

They can choose a lot by genre, but also by author, such as Robin Hobb and Anne Rice.

He later started a GoFundMe page with the aim of generating money to be able to open a physical version of its online store

He announced in February that he had collected the keys to his new space in the Old Town

Fans expressed their enthusiasm for Alex and expressed how excited they were for him to come and visit the store themselves when it opens.

Alex shared the store opening process with his 15,000 Twitter followers, including when he received 60 book bokes and two poofs for his new store.

The store opens on Monday, May 2.

Colin L. Johnson