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The quote above is correctly quoted because reading is said to enlighten the mind with a lot of learning and knowledge and bring a broader perception of our thoughts. Reading opens the possibility of so many doors, such as increased vocabulary, knowledge, better communication skills and so much more. If you are a reader, you know how much a bookmark impacts a person and how to get addicted to the habit of reading. It helps you grow mentally and emotionally and increases your confidence in different aspects of life.

Books are considered our best friends. Indeed, friends are an integral part of life and they enrich our minds with the deepest knowledge, sometimes guiding us and teaching us many things. Likewise, books always have our backs, and if we read them carefully, the knowledge embedded in a book can be as important to us as a best friend in our lives.

There are various reference books and apps where you can explore many books from different genres, meet and be inspired by like-minded book lovers, and even share book recommendations with others. So today we bring you the best reference books and apps.

Check out the list of the best reference books and apps

Wattpad: read and write stories online

The best place to work both reading and writing is Wattpad. If you’re a reader, you don’t need to spend hours in the library looking for the right book for your niche, Wattpad can help! It has different genres like: Fanfiction, Romance, Rom-Coms, Paranormal, Werewolf and whatever you want! Enjoy reading millions of exciting true stories for free, and if you want to read later at your leisure, you can save and read anytime, anywhere in offline mode.

If you think Wattpad is only for reading and not for writing, you are wrong! Wattpad is for any new writer who wants their work to be published and recognized by other readers and writers. It helps you improve your writing skills and encourages you to write for other writers on the app.

Therefore, Wattpad is a perfect place to dive into if you enjoy reading and writing.

  • read offline
  • Explore different genres.
  • Save your favorite stories
  • Interact with like-minded readers and writers.

Audible: audiobooks and podcasts

Do you also read books, but do you like to listen to stories? What are you waiting for, download audiobooks now! This application provides its users with audiobooks of different stories and genres. From fantasy to true crime, plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in the stories.

Besides audiobooks, there are amazing podcasts from popular speakers that will make you want to listen to them. You will never be bored using this app as it will captivate you like never before! Audiobooks can also be your child’s bedtime story companion as it contains several children’s stories and an audiobook as well. It’s always a pleasure to hear your author read their best books, so don’t miss the audiobooks!

Main characteristics:

  • listen to books
  • discover the podcasts
  • Listen anytime, anywhere

ReadEra – pdf, epub, word book reader

This is a great app for all bibliophiles! You can read different e-books from different authors in PDF format, download them to your phone and it’s free too! Isn’t that a lot? Some quotes grab your attention as soon as you read them, and to fix that, how can you highlight your favorite quote in an eBook? Don’t worry, ReadEra has an awesome “Quote” feature that allows readers to quote or highlight their favorite excerpts and lines from the book.

Featured offers are stored in the “Offers” section of the app. Speaking of general settings, from font size to font weight, everything is under your control and you can change it to your liking.

  • Main features: Read your favorite books and documents
  • Highlight your favorite quotes
  • Switch to dark or light mode
  • add bookmarks

Amazon Kindle: e-books and more

Have a library in your pocket with an Amazon Kindle subscription. You can read thousands of books of different types, from textbooks to series, all in one app! You can explore all genres of ebooks from your favorite Indian and international authors. They have e-books in English and Hindi, depending on your preference.

What would you say to offering “e-books” to your bibliophile friends on their birthday? With Kindle, it’s possible! One feature that sets this app apart is that you can gift e-books to other book lovers.

If you love to read comics, don’t worry, Kindle has comic book ebooks too! Most book apps don’t have comics, but this app has everything you need. This app has the right features that give you information about reading, books and authors. A perfect blend of the literary world.

Main characteristics:

  • All types of books: fiction and non-fiction.
  • gift ebooks
  • hindi books
  • known authors

Pratilipi – World of stories

From history to horror, you can join over 20 of these genres. If you don’t want to read the whole book, you can read the synopsis/story summary. Apart from that, the books can be downloaded and read in offline mode.

There are many authors with whom readers and authors can discuss, gain knowledge and seek inspiration. Isn’t this a great way to check out your idol without hassle? It’s true. For all those budding readers and writers, Pratilipi is the right place to nurture and develop your interest in the literary field. So, download Pratilipi now and explore the world of stories!

Main characteristics:

  • 12 different languages ​​to read and write
  • A “Make in India” app
  • More than 60 lakh stories
  • 20 genres

Lithium: EPUB reader

Read your favorite books or novels on your phones with the help of Lithium: EPUB Reader. It offers a wide range of interesting books to gift its readers and develop their interest in reading. You may understand the importance of highlighting excerpts, lines, and quotes from the book you’re reading, but how is it possible to do this in e-books? In Lithium you can highlight rows and make notes of them for future reference.

Users can change book settings such as text alignment and text size. If you are a night reader then you can switch to night mode theme or if you don’t want the theme to be dark you can also switch to light mode theme.

Main characteristics:

  • variety of books
  • Access to general settings
  • dark/light mode
  • can take notes

Google playbooks and audiobooks

A must have app for all readers! It includes all your favorite books from established authors and you can read them on any device. It gives you personalized recommendations to help new readers and it allows you to immerse yourself in many books. The main feature that many book apps lack and this app offers is that you can pick up where you left off last time. Isn’t it amazing? You can create your bookshelves by arranging different genres of books like: self-help, religion, romance, emotions on each shelf.

Bookmark and type your favorite quotes, which will sync to your Google Drive for future reference. Application settings are flexible, such as font size, style, and light/dark mode. You can track your reading progress as the number of remaining pages and the percentage of the book read are displayed on the screen.

Kuku FM – Audiobooks and Stories

You can choose any audiobook from a collection of over 1,000 stories, autobiographies, self-help books, thrillers, and murder mysteries. Gone are the days when it took so long to finish a book. Kuku FM offers audiobook summaries to help you finish a book in a day and all relevant details about the book. So you know the book in less time!

Kuku FM is an app for every generation and when we say it, we mean it! Plug in your headphones and listen to spiritual audiobooks like the Ramayana and Mahabharat. In the morning, listen to the soothing Hanuman Chalisa and all kinds of religious songs to relax your soul. In addition to listening to audiobooks, you can learn and grow by listening to some of the toughest professional courses, competitions, and state tests.

good reads

This app is the largest reading and book recommendation site in the world. You can find, rate and review the books you like or dislike and comment on what you think. Discover more books of different genres, share them with your friends and see what books they make by following them.

You can scan the cover of your favorite book to get more information about the book, its author, reviews and save it to your bookshelf list. The app automatically recommends books you like based on your search history and reading habits. The advantage of Goodreads is that it helps you keep track of the books you’ve read so far and the books you want to read.

Inkitt: books, novels and short stories

Discover a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books with this app. Rom-Coms, Crime, Thrill, Sci-Fi, Spiritual and many more types of books. It also serves as a platform for aspiring writers to publish their work and for users to read it. It helps new writers gain recognition, recognition and appreciation as this platform has over 2 million readers and writers. Isn’t this a great way for your work to be recognized?

The general settings of the application are under the control of the reader and the reader can customize the background and the font according to his preferences. There are three types of themes: white (light mode), black (dark mode) and eggshell mode. Readers can even read books offline by downloading them.

Final Words: Best Reference Books and Apps

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