Books are still big business for Amazon sellers — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Books (£227,000) remain one of the most lucrative categories, along with CDs and vinyl (£234,000).

The data also shows that high-value categories such as automotive (£222,000), computers and accessories (£111,000) and watches (£45,000), were beaten by clothing (£250,000) , sports and outdoor activities (£239,000) and pets. supplies (£234k).

As more and more people turn to selling online, either as a side hustle or their primary business, sustainable revenue can be generated in the market, even when competition is high.

Of the 27 categories analyzed, five had over 1,400 active UK-based sellers competing for sales. Grocery topped the list, with more than 2,275 active sellers, followed by beauty (2,103) and home and kitchen (1,724).

Of the 27 Amazon categories analyzed, more than 17 have an average seller income of £100,000 per month.

Jim Mann, director of acquisitions for Thrasio in the UK, says: “Amazon started out as an online book marketplace, so it’s fascinating to see that the money hasn’t strayed too far from those origins.

“Selling books is still big business, and with high potential earnings across all Amazon categories, there’s a significant opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to grab their share of the evolving retail market.”

He adds, “Selling on Amazon allows you to rewrite the rules of retail – it’s no wonder so many budding entrepreneurs are drawn to it.”

“Based on our own significant experience acquiring and scaling brands on the platform, we have found that using Amazon as your primary sales channel costs a fraction of what you would need to rent space, set up a store, pay rent and rates, hire a team and more.

“The companies we acquire are agile, competitive and innovative. Now you can start a retail business from your bedroom, find time for hobbies and a family, and have a chance to reap the rewards on the way out.

Colin L. Johnson