Books on Manipur history, tradition to be reviewed before publication, government sets up committee

The Manipur government has set up a 15-member committee to oversee the content of books written on the culture, history and tradition of Manipur. The committee is made up of the state education minister, vice chancellors of several universities, historians and other important personalities who have deep knowledge of the history and culture of Manipur.

The committee will not only review published content, but to have a book published in these areas, authors will first need to seek approval from the committee.

Any person or group of persons wishing to publish works on the history, culture, tradition, geography of Manipur will now have to submit a request to the Director of Higher Education. A copy of the manuscript must also be submitted.

Letters submitted by future authors will be reviewed by this committee, and the book can only be published after it has received the green light from the committee.

Speaking to News18, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh said, “Various people are offering books, in various books it is seen that there is distortion of facts. These distorted facts often create problems. Therefore, such a committee was created.

Under the new rules, anyone who fails to follow this will face the consequences in a legal manner.

Administration insiders say that Manipur is a sensitive area, therefore, distortion of anything related to cultural tradition leads to unrest in public. The administration has also indicated that there is a tendency to develop such disorders among a section of the population.

Although the opposition said it diplomatically gagged the right to free speech. The administration has already passed this decree.

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Colin L. Johnson