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It’s always a good idea to start your exam preparations early. This gives you plenty of time for revisions and ensures you get good grades. If you are preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Board Exams for 2022-23, you should take some good books with you that will help you improve your preparations. With many options available in reference books for CBSE Class 12 online, you can easily find the perfect book for your review and preparation strategies. These books are available with solved papers from previous years, mock test papers and lots of sample questions that will help you extend your revisions easily.

To help you prepare well and revise well, we have listed some of the best options in the CBSE 12 class books that you should consider for your exam preparation and review. Choose from this list to buy some of the best books online:-


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For CBSE class 12 students with PCM subjects, this set of books by Oswaal can be a good option to buy online for board exam preparations 2022-23. Available with an extensive question bank with step-by-step solutions, these books will not only help you understand the exam pattern, but will even help you practice enough before you sit for your exams. These books even include the CBSE scoring scheme over the past few years to help you frame your answers in such a way that they can earn you more points. With common mistakes, answer tips, mind maps, toppers handwritten answer sheets and more, this set of books will provide you with enough options for learning and improvement. Since these books are even available with concept videos, they will give you a hybrid and modern learning experience.

For science students in CBSE class 12 whose biology is one of the subjects, this set of question bank books can be a good option to buy online. These books are available with the markscheme from 2013 to 2020 to help you understand how to answer questions with maximum efficiency during your exams. With exam-focused preparation tools including mind maps, common mistakes, answer tips and more, these books will not only help you with revisions, but will even help you step up your preparations. You can even enjoy a blended learning experience using concept videos available in these books.

If you want to get better at solving math problems or improve your practice levels, this book by Oswaal may be a good option to consider. This book has been updated with the latest syllabus to help you practice solving only relevant questions that are part of your syllabus. Available with review notes, mind maps, dynamic QR code, common mistakes, answer tips and more, this book is a comprehensive guide to help you improve in Grade 12 math. Since this book contains a combination of self-assessment papers and practice papers, you can get enough practice for your math exam in CBSE board exam 2023.

If you want to opt for a single book that will help you revise for almost all your subjects, this one can be a good option for students in CBSE class 12 who are preparing for the board exams of 2023. This book is available with solved papers from the past 6 years in each subject to help you become familiar with the types of questions that have been asked in board exams over the years. The mind maps in this book will help you to have better retention and recall power and will allow you to get better grades in each subject. Since the solutions are available with detailed explanations, you will have no problem rectifying your mistakes with the help of this book. You can easily find this book in paper and digital format.

If you have maths as one of your subjects, your board exam preparations will always seem incomplete until you solve the RD Sharma book questions at least twice. This is a set of 2 books that can be used as reference books to provide you with additional questions for your practice beyond your usual CBSE 12 class textbook.

If you want to opt for a combination of physics books that will help you solve numerical problems better, this one can be a good option to consider for CBSE 12 class board exam preparation. These books can also be a great option for your reference if you are confused in a particular subject during your exam preparations or revisions. So, you can easily take help from these books to get better grades in physics.

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