DAV Barkakana students and teachers revise books in a literary conclave


Ramgarh, August 1: A literary seminar was held at DAV Barkakana on Monday during which three books were reviewed.

The first book was “Let Them Fly” by Nisha Peshin, Dean of DAV Public Schools & Academics (CAE) and DAV United Foundation. He presents his personal experiences with his children through storytelling.

Two other books were reviewed by children in this conclave in which there were “Three Men in a Boat” and “The Invisible Man”.

Class VIII’s Divya and Sagun and Class VIII’s Vasi Haider presented their review on “Three Men in a Boat” and Class IX’s Aditi and Srishti presented their review on “The Invisible Man”.

Apart from that, Manvi Marwah from class XI, Tanya Mahato from class X and Sachin Kant Jha from class XII presented their compositions.

In this review, a teacher Sudeshna Bandopadhyay presented the review of ‘Let Them Fly’ in a very interesting way. Another teacher, Vidyadhar Choudhary, very effectively presented his views on the need to read literature. The scene was directed by Saroj Kumar Choudhary.

Urmila Singh, Principal cum Regional Officer, DAV Public Schools Jharkhand Zone D on the occasion praised the event and said that it is very important to read literature at present and the Literature reading provides information on all topics. She invited the parents present to visit the school library with the children and deepen their knowledge.

Colin L. Johnson