DeSantis says publishers took ‘wake-up call’ from math books he banned to contain critical race theory

  • Florida Govt. Ron DeSantis said more than 50 math books submitted for review were “doing waking math.”
  • DeSantis blocked a record number of textbooks in April due to CRT concerns.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doubled down on his decision to exclude a record number of math books classrooms that he said included bits of “wake math.”

“These math books — they were doing woke math,” DeSantis said, referring to Florida’s rejection of dozens of math textbooks in April. His remarks came Friday in Tampa at an event for Moms for Liberty, a conservative nonprofit organization.

“I’m just like, like, two plus two equals four, right? It’s not ‘two plus two equals, well, what do you think? Is this an injustice? ‘” he joked to an audience who responded with laughter.

“No, we have to teach children to find the right answer,” he continued to the cheers of the crowd.

According to an April Press release from the Florida Department of Education, state reviewers found hints of Critical Race Theory in 54 of 132 math textbooks submitted by school districts.

DeSantis and the FDOE called the books’ content “attempts to indoctrinate students” and rejected the submissions.

In May, the department released a 6,000-page report reviewing each of the books, according to Policy. The report noted instances where books were rejected for mentioning “racial profiling in policing” and “types of accommodation for different groups of people”.

On Friday, DeSantis said publishers had removed chunks of textbooks that the state says contained Critical Race Theory.

They “removed the alarm clock and sent us back normal math books,” DeSantis said.

“It doesn’t matter what you think about the math problem,” the Republican governor said in April after dismissing the books. “It matters that you can solve the mathematical problem.

Colin L. Johnson