Does Chris Jericho have the best wrestling books?

The history of wrestling books has seen the biggest names choose to tell their story in the deepest way. Wrestlers have proven to be multi-faceted with many names writing great books after their stints in WWE and other promotions. The stories vary between books that have impressed wrestling fans and those that have translated beyond the audience to gain readers unrelated to wrestling.

Chris Jericho has the credit of being a big name to prove that wrestlers can write great books. The various books Jericho wrote all relate to his career in radically different ways. Few wrestlers have matched his success with beloved books that truly provide insight into the business. Jericho changed the game and has perhaps the best book series ever written by a wrestler.


They give enough time for each stage of his career

Chris Jericho’s five books show him each giving a lot of time at every moment of his career without rushing him. Bryan Danielson has revealed that he regrets writing his book with WWE because it precipitated his story and left a lot still on the table. Jericho’s first book was about his early years of training in Canada, his travels around the world, and his signing with WCW.

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A Lion’s Tale: around the world in spandex stopped before he joined WWE and is often called the best of his series. The attention to detail in the stories that precede the ‘making’ has inspired many wrestlers and has helped wrestling fans learn more about the company. Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1372 Easy Steps was the next book to look at life in WWE.

Chris Jericho WCW

Jericho knew WWE’s time deserved its own book and showed how hard it was to fit in before he got over it. Future books like No, it’s a four-letter word, the best in the world: what I have no idea about, and his recent The complete list of Jericho each tackled different versions of the storytelling than his first two. Each book was different from the next while keeping the same theme that appealed to Jericho fans.

They contain fascinating stories

The stories shared in wrestling books tend to be the most interesting part as fans have recollections of the moments on screen. Chris Jericho has shared plenty of juicy details about what made some chapters of his career more memorable than others. The time he was robbed in Mexico at gunpoint while getting into a car with the wrong person showed how unpredictable life is for a wrestler on the approach.

The behind-the-scenes chaos in WCW was referenced in his first book, from Goldberg refusing to fight him to Hulk Hogan suggesting he go to WWE when his contract expires. Jericho also shared details that Triple H was rude to him and that The Undertaker chewed on him for cutting a crass promo in the first few months, showing how hard he struggled to find friends.

Chris Jericho Undisputed Champion

Even interactions with Vince McMahon are on another level from other great books written by Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels. Jericho had the point of view of someone who saw Vince as a father figure but also as someone who challenged him. The honest stories you get from Jericho’s books are enough to keep any die-hard wrestling fan entertained for hours.

The books of Jericho are better than the others

Only a handful of wrestling books would have realistic arguments to challenge Chris Jericho’s series. Mick Foley is the biggest name ever to come up, because his first two books were smash hits. The wrestling world was proud of Foley for opening the door for future wrestlers to get book offers from popular publishing houses. However, Foley’s later works fell more than Jericho’s to even things out.

Jon Moxley’s recent book receives rave reviews and discussions for being an excellent all-time wrestling read. It’s too early to tell if this one will stand up to the way Jericho’s first two books are loved all these years later. Moxley may also retire from writing after a book as he has transcribed his career up to the present point.

Books by Mick Foley

Other wrestlers like Bryan Danielson, William Regal, Roddy Piper and a few others have published books to win the love of the public. Unfortunately, none of them were successful enough to instantly take an interest in their follow-ups. Jericho told his whole career through a few books and had additional content to share other parts of his life in a unique way. No other wrestler has had as much consistent success as Jericho in the book world.

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