Dolly Parton covers tuition and books for Dollywood employees pursuing higher education

When we thought we couldn’t love Dolly Parton anymore, she decided to pay tuition and books for her Dollywood employees who want to pursue higher education. Herschend Enterprises, the operating partner of Parton’s Dollywood, his theme park, announced the news.

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Herschend Enterprises and Parton will cover all tuition fees for Dollywood employees who wish to pursue higher education

Many companies pay for the higher education of their employees. Now Dollywood is the latest to join the group. Herschend Enterprises, which operates Dollywood by Parton, Splash Country by Dollywood, Stampede by Dolly Parton, DreamMore Resort by Dollywood, Dollywood Cabins and Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, recently announced the news.

Beginning February 24, the company will pay 100% of tuition, fees and books for any Dollywood employee who wishes to pursue higher education. It doesn’t matter if you are seasonal, part-time or full-time. The benefit will be offered through its pilot program, GROW U.

“Hosts will be able to enroll on their first day of work in degree, diploma and certificate programs offered by 30 learning partners and in subjects such as business administration and leadership, cooking, finance, technology and marketing”, vanity lounge writing.

“The company will also provide partial funding, up to $5,250 per year, for 150 additional programs in areas such as hospitality, engineering, human resources and artistic design.”

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The Dollywood Foundation wants to give its employees the opportunity to “learn more”

The Dollywood Foundation’s ultimate goal is to give its employees the tools they need to succeed in life. Their motto is “find out more” after all.

The president of The Dollywood Company, Eugene Naughton, said in Tennessee WATER“We know that when our hosts are happy and feel cared for, they will pass that on to our guests. Creating the program gives us another avenue to care for our guests.

He added: “One of the key tenets of the Dollywood Foundation is to ‘know more’. This program is created with this very principle in mind. We want our guests to grow through advanced learning to fulfill the other foundation principles: Care More, Dream More, and Be More.

“When our hosts strive to grow, it makes our business and our community a much better place.”

Paying tuition for 3,000 employees isn’t Parton’s only philanthropic endeavor. She gives various local Tennessee groups $1 million a year in donations through her Dollywood Foundation. Its Imagination Library partners with local communities to provide free, high-quality books to children every month.

During the coronavirus vaccine fight, Parton also donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to help fund the development of the Moderna vaccine.

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What are employees saying about working at Dollywood?

Maybe Free Tuition Will Make Dollywood Better overall workplace ratings. According to Indeedpast and current employees have rated work-life balance, compensation and benefits, job security and advancement, and other categories mostly between three and four stars.

Some employees like that Dollywood likes and supports them, but the pay could be better. During this time, Fox reports that Dollywood has made the 2022 Best Workplaces list and the list of America’s Best Midsize Employers for the second year in a row.

Still, it looks like Parton likes to take care of his own and will do anything to make his staff happy. By allowing its employees to learn more, it can also, and improve even more.

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