Enjoy music, documentaries and books when you bundle these content services

As streaming services proliferate and specialize, choosing a platform you enjoy can be tricky. Luckily, that also means you can find a platform dedicated to the exact type of content you enjoy the most. And it might not even be a streaming service!

This Labor Day, we’ve done some of the hunting for you. During our Your Bundle, Your Way sale, you can get three discounted Content Library subscriptions. If you bundle two of these items for a total of $49 or more, you can use code YOURWAY20 for 20% off. Or add another item to the mix and get 30% off with code YOURWAY30. And if you need something more to combine, check out our Labor day collection!

Three new ways to enjoy content

12-Minute Microbook Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription

Remove some titles from this list to read with this 1,800-microbook library. Titles come from 24 categories, and you can read each microbook in as little as 12 minutes. Notable titles includeThe power of habit, rich dad, poor dad, Blink and Do things.

All titles are supported in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In addition, you can access books in text or audio format. Verified Buyer Russel C. writes, “I really appreciate this. I listened to a summary of a new book every day. I can do this while walking or exercising.

Buy now: Obtain a Lifetime Premium Subscription to 12-Minute Micro-Book Library for $27.30 (usually $399) with code YOURWAY30 when you bundle three items from our Labor day collection totaling $49 or more.

MagellanTV Documentary Streaming Service: Lifetime Subscription


If you want documentaries, you might want to check out MagellanTV. This library includes over 3,000 high-quality movies and series on nature, true crime, history, science, space and more. You can enjoy shows you can’t find on other streaming services and learn more about your niche interests.

MagellanTV offers a great way to spend an evening for a date (or the rare frenetic marathon weekend). This iOS-compatible streaming service adds new content every week, and you can access it on up to five devices.

Buy now: Obtain a Lifetime subscription to MagellanTV for $139.30 (usually $1,796) with code YOURWAY30 when you bundle three items from our Labor day collection totaling $49 or more.

WiredVibe Personalized Music for Focus: Lifetime Subscription


that you like listen to music while working or need a way to stay more productive, WiredVibe uses AI to create tune-up sessions with instrumental tracks that adapt to real-time inputs like the weather, your heart rate, and the nature of your activity. Featured on Benzinga and Giant News, this web application uses brainwave entrainment to optimize alpha, beta and theta waves, which can stimulate your brain while you work. Plus, WiredVibe offers other tools to sharpen your focus, including a Pomodoro timer and to-do list.

Buy now: Obtain a WiredVibe Lifetime Subscription for $27.99 (usually $1,198) with code YOURWAY30 when you bundle three items from our Labor day collection totaling $49 or more.

Prices subject to change.

Colin L. Johnson