Guide to gifting books to your grandchildren

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When you visit your grandchildren, do you find that they spend more time with their Xbox than with a book? That wouldn’t be surprising: The percentage of U.S. kids ages 9 to 13 who say they read for pleasure almost daily has plummeted, according to a 2019-20 National Assessment of Educational Progress survey. About 42% of 9-year-olds said they had, for example, up from 53% in 2012. Children who read for pleasure tend to score higher on reading tests, among other benefits, notes Katherine Schaeffer , research analyst. at the Pew Research Center, in its To analyse of the investigation.

The adults in their lives can play an important role in helping kids get — or stay — excited about reading, says Beth Gaskill, former elementary school teacher and literacy coach, and founder of Big City Readers, based in Chicago, a research-based education. company aimed at helping adults and their young children (up to about 12 years old) learn to love reading.

While reading to young children is important, grandparents can also discuss books with their grandchildren remotely, as we noted in this story on how to start a book club for grandchildren. children.

“You don’t have to live nearby to have a meaningful connection,” says Gaskill. She offers the following tips for choosing books for young children.

Colin L. Johnson