Hesson: Children’s Book Reviews February 2022

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By Maxine Beneba Clarke

(Candlewick Press)

This picture book gives us a wonderful explanation of the phrase “Black Lives Matter”. It will open conversations with young and old about family life, strength, perseverance and tolerance. In this sweet look at the BLM movement, the values ​​of inheritance and equality resonate on each colorful abstract page.

We are a

How the world adds up

By Susan Hood, illustrated by Linda Yan

(Candlewick Press)

With simple rhyming texts and mathematical examples from 1 to 10, this picture book offers a unique look at the numbers we encounter every day. Young children will count the sides of a snowflake, the innings of a baseball game, and the number of points on a compass, along with other equations we find in life. Older readers will be able to read the facts and the story behind the numbers. Bold and fun illustrations bring it all together.

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A boy is not a ghost

By Edeet Ravel

(Groundwood Books)

Based on a true story set during World War II, readers will be caught up in a young boy’s survival story. When government forces begin moving citizens from Eastern Europe, Natt and her mother leave Bukovina for Siberia. With his father in the Gulag and then his mother falsely arrested, Natt must face many torments alone. He discovers that the hardest part is learning who to trust and when to be invisible. Although her story is painful, Natt teaches us that resilience and kindness can always be a choice.

wolf sisters

By Patricia Miller-Schroeder

(Dundurn Press)

The Ice Age girls, from two different gangs, are captured by a brutal hunter. After escaping, they quickly learn that in order to survive, they must put aside their different beliefs and customs and rely on each other’s wisdom as one strength. Facing predators, a fierce landscape and unknown enemies, they are protected along the way by an incredible wolf-spirit guide they name Tewa. This unusual adventure takes readers on an action-packed journey of resilience, equality and friendship.

Colin L. Johnson