How much do Nigerians love books?

Nigerians buy a lot of books. ask the question “Did you buy at least one book last year? – the response was positive for 70% of women and 66% of men.

The survey was carried out in March 2019 with 7,800 respondents from 41 countries.

“Among the most popular genres are thrillers, romance, adventure, science fiction, fantasy and detective fiction. Comics and poetry are the least popular.

“Most readers read fiction (79%). Nigerians also like leisure literature and business literature (38% and 31% respectively). “

In other parts of the world, audiobooks are growing in popularity, but Nigerians still love their paperbacks.

“Over the past year, digital and CD audiobooks have been purchased by 5% and 2% of respondents, respectively. The most popular among Nigerian readers are paper books. 25% of those surveyed ordered books online and 50% bought brick and mortar books. stores. “

Recommendations from friends play an important role. 62% of those surveyed buy books based on recommendations from friends.

Others (38%) buy books based on their tastes and decisions. Book-based film releases account for (19%) and book award nominations (21%).

Blog reviews are also important. “In light of the growing popularity of the internet and social media, blogger reviews also play an important role (17%).

Nigerians want their books to be cheap. “The bargain price was chosen as the determining factor by 24% of those surveyed. ”

Nigerians buy books just because they love to read. “Most of them just do it because they like to read (61%). 15% buy books for study or work and 7% as gifts.

“17% of respondents say that the act of buying books is for them a remedy against stress”

But buying books, starting and finishing the book are different skills.

Colin L. Johnson