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Preparing for exams can be difficult and scary if you don’t have the right books with you. With special books available with review papers, sample papers with answered questions and more, you can easily revise for your next exams at your convenience. For ICSE Class 10 students there are many books available for Semester 2 exams that will help you understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly.

To help you avoid any confusion, we have a list of some of the most popular options in the ICSE Class 10 Semester 2 books that you can consider for your reviews. Choose from this list based on your favorite topics and reviewing preferences to buy the perfect book to achieve higher marks in your jury reviews.


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This 9-book set can be a good choice for almost any ICSE Class 10 student preparing for the 2022 Semester 2 Board exams. The set includes question banks for the English 1, English 2, geography, economics, history and civics, physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. So you can easily understand the exam template and easily revise the important topics of your subjects.

These books contain mind maps that will make it easy for you to remember difficult topics. This way, you won’t make small mistakes when you take your exams.

If you want to focus on solving math problems quickly and accurately, this book can help you with the semester 2 exams. The book is over 200 pages long and covers almost all types of questions that can be asked on your exam. . So you can prepare well and plan your revision strategies accordingly.

The book even contains chapter-by-chapter review notes and unit-based review documents that will help you systematically revise and test your knowledge periodically.

If you want to get good marks on the English exam, you need to know the exam pattern and practice the exercises correctly. This includes transforming sentences, filling in blanks, knowing grammar rules, comprehension and more. This question bank book can be a good option to purchase online to easily understand the exam pattern.

The book even contains step-by-step solutions for almost all of the answers to help you understand the reasoning or grammar rule used in the sentence.

If you want to focus on getting good grades in physics, this book can be of great help to you. This book will help you try to answer questions beyond your textbook to familiarize yourself with other types of questions that are asked in ICSE Class 10 board exams. Focusing primarily on number problems, this book will help you. solve numerical problems with precision and speed.

This book can even be useful for reviewing formulas before you take your exams.

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