Kanye West compares books to Brussels sprouts and claims he doesn’t read them

The past few years have seen a rise in celebrity book clubs, with everyone from Kaia Gerber to Reese Witherspoon regularly assigning and discussing their fiction and non-fiction picks. You can rest assured that Kanye “Ye” West won’t follow in their footsteps or come close to any books. In a new episode of the podcast Alo Mind Full, the rapper made a startling revelation when host Danny Harris mentioned that West hadn’t read his favorite book. “When you said I haven’t read that book, I actually haven’t read any book,” West said. (We’ll guess he excludes the Bible.) “Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts to me,” he continued. “And talking is like getting Giorgio Baldi’s corn ravioli.”

Before you jump into another Lea Michele conspiracy theory, we know that West is indeed literate. He regularly sends (and screenshots) long text messages – and, ironically enough, he went on to say that he only reads the first and last sentences of those he receives back. (You can hear his remarks from minute 3:30 below.)

For him, let’s hope West is open to other types of reading material. He has been inundated with legal documents since his bold decision to end its 10-year partnership with Gap. If Queen Elizabeth II really inspired him to “unleash[e] all grudges,” it may be in his best interest to start with Kim Kardashian; she has actually made progress in her goal of becoming a lawyer.

Colin L. Johnson