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Well known for manufacturing custom and retail coloring books since 1988, the company offers in-house perfect finishing options for hardcover and hardcover books.

It is a pleasure and a pleasure to provide new and current customers with perfect and rigid book options for their needs. And that creates jobs in our industry.

—Editor N. Wayne Bell

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, July 18, 2022 / — based in the United States Very large coloring books® | a recognized leader in custom and retail coloring book production adds services to include traditional perfect-bound softcovers and hardcover book finishing. “Purchasing manufacturing equipment and expanding with in-house production of perfect, rigid book finishes was a natural progression for our business,” says Founder and CEO, N. Wayne Bell. “Over the years our company has employed artists, publishers, writers, designers and sales personnel to produce coloring books for businesses and consumers. During this time, we have outsourced perfectly bound and hardback book projects. Historically, we produced coloring books and some color products while our binding area specialized in spiral binding, saddle stitching and block/glued books. Now we are adding to these new services and bringing additional binding options in-house. The expansion includes new equipment, an additional production department, an extensive training program and more jobs.” Bell commented on the new service options.

“Perfect binding is a widely accepted method of softcover binding in which the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong, flexible thermal glue. The other three sides of the book are trimmed to give them clean, perfect edges .Perfect Binding books can feature a clear coat or laminated cover to enhance the quality and appearance of the book.” The company says it makes perfectly bound books in just about any size, from 5.5 x 8.5 inches to larger 13 x 19 inch formats, starting with a cover and two sheets of paper up at about 2.5 inches thick representing about five hundred leaves. Customers with catalogs, brochures and marketing pieces often prefer glued perfect binding to improve the look, feel and professionalism over traditional saddle-stitched or stapled pieces, he said.

“Case binding, commonly known as hardcover binding, involves the construction of an outer case made of varying strengths of cardboard wrapped with the cover paper. Case binding is a more complicated process than other types of binding and is a preferred binding method of educators, libraries, bookstores, retailers and consumers Considered the best binding technique in the publishing industry Inside pages can be sewn together and then glued to flyleaves and then glued to the back cover.”Offering this traditional book in a binding style for our new and existing customers has been a service win for our sales staff,” Bell said.

He continued, “Square binding is a cutting-edge technology in the high-end digital printing industry and resembles perfect binding in form, appearance and professionalism. This technology often replaces traditional saddle-stitched booklets. The pages are then sewn to the binding/cover with thread. The look of the binding of the book is a square edge and when the book opens it feels like a perfect binding.”

“Spiral binding never goes out of style,” Bell said. “The company has been manufacturing spiral wound products for over 35 years, durability is a major factor offered by the various spiral options. The education system, schools, libraries, artists and anyone who loves a flat book when ‘they use it prefer spiral binding products.Another major difference is that spiral binding is durable because it has no moving parts, where the binding opens there is less wear on the edge of the book.Spiral books can be notebooks, coloring books or any type of book.These books can have a spiral binding on the top or on the side of the book,like our coloring books for tablets ever popular and trademark travel® that are sold in stores nationwide through retailers like, Amazon, and the grocery industry.”

The company also has manufactures various paper products, menus, pads, cards, anything a business or consumer asks for printed on paper, Bell says they’ll try to provide it or resend it to someone who can. “It’s about working together in the publishing industry to keep it relevant, up-to-date and competitive with overseas operations while preserving jobs in the United States,” Bell said with a smile.

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