Redge Media for Books Announced at Education Congress

Redge Media for Books was announced at the For the Future Education Congress in Lublin, Poland. The video streaming solution – dedicated to publishers of textbooks, factual literature or masterpieces of fiction – engages readers with words enhanced by visuals and provides additional revenue for publishers.

Redge Media for Books expands the reading experience with video content. The reader receives a dedicated video after using the QR code included in the printed content. The videos are aggregated on the publisher’s video portal, either directly or by reference to external sites.

The platform supports various monetization models. Video content can be transactional, subscription-based, or monetized through advertising, in which the publisher is involved. The publisher may also be paid for referring the consumer to an external video service.

“We live in the age of ubiquitous screens. A publisher who wants to remain competitive must face this reality. That’s why we offer a video platform that can supplement print media with quality video content in a safe environment. This proposal embodies our UX 3.0 approach which optimizes video UX for different verticals of life, such as news, sports, theaters and books – according to this latest announcement,” said Jan Frelek, board member of administration of Redge Technologies, which presented Redge Media for Books during the conference.

Redge Technologies is a leader in OTT and edge computing technologies in CEE, having been in the market since 2007. The company’s flagship solution is Redge Media – the E2E OTT platform available in PaaS and on-premise models, consisting of a full service delivery form and Video Delivery Platform including CDN running in state-of-the-art IT architecture. Redge Technologies has developed a software-defined DDoS mitigation solution, which enables multi-terabit scalability.

Colin L. Johnson