Ted Cruz joins campaign against allegedly pornographic books in schools

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Tailgunner Ted Cruz has found another donkey he can ride in Jerusalem. Several of them, in fact. From Yahoo! News:

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas claims ‘left-wing educators’ introduce children to ‘explicit pornography’ in schools as conservative parents and politicians in his state books on racism and sexuality as inappropriate for schools public and libraries. When asked what he meant, Cruz did not cite specific examples of pornographic content in schools, but instead pointed to books that angered parents at school board meetings in general.

“Take a look at some of the parts of the books that parents go to school boards and read aloud; that’s what my child is learning,” he told Insider during an interview on Capitol Hill. United States. “And in too many cases, you have left-leaning educators putting explicit pornography in front of kids. I think that’s seriously wrong.”

Meanwhile, in Tampa, a local mom is also upset. From Tampa Bay Weather:

[Julie] Gebhards researched Toni Morrison The bluest eye, one of five titles that students could choose from. “The first review I looked at listed every type of sex you can imagine, including a graphic incestuous rape from a father to his 11-year-old daughter,” Gebhards said.

There was “a pedophile, and in his head, describing what he did to little girls. It was really, really disturbing. The list goes on and on.” She asked, “Who puts this there and for what purpose? And how many books are like this? And why?”

She hasn’t read the book, notice. She read “reviews”. For research.”

Gebhards is now a regular speaker at Hillsborough County School Board meetings, sharing salacious book passages as a foot soldier in a culture war that is spreading through public schools nationwide. She warns the live audience and those watching live of the rude content of her message, then begins to read. Other parents sometimes follow suit, creating a sort of pornographic segment at bi-monthly school board meetings.

Now, I don’t necessarily object to that sort of thing in principle. I have attended enough local political meetings to understand the need for diversions. But I don’t think Gebhards and I are…well…on the same page here.

Work on the three-volume White House memoir must proceed slowly.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Yet another bogus book, written by a journalist who knows nothing about me, Maggot Haberman of the New York Times, invents stories about my relationship with foreign leaders. She claims that I speak with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, but not with other world leaders. Wrong!

“Magot Haberman.”

Since Adams wrote to Jefferson, we had no…

Choose Weekly WWOZ to click: “I found myself a new baby” (New Orleans Feetwarmers): Yeah, I still love New Orleans.

Weekly visit to the Pathe Archives: This is Finland and Norway, aiming for the gold medal in speed skating at the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz. Winter Olympics with natural snow. What a concept. The story is so cool.

Let worry pass through you.


Now I am truly, madly and deeply worried. From Washington Post:

Martin Kao, 48, Clifford Chen, 48, and Lawrence “Kahele” Lum Kee, 52, were respectively the managing director, chief financial officer, and accountant of a defense contractor prohibited by federal law from making contributions to the federal elections, according to a five-count indictment in federal court in Washington. The company was Martin Defense Group, formerly known as Navatek, the company confirmed.

A 15-page indictment accuses the Honolulu men of conspiracy, violating the ban on contractors and making contributions on behalf of another after they allegedly set up and operated a front company called the Society of Young Women Scientist and Engineers in 2019 to channel $150,000 towards the 1820 PAC, which supported [Senator Susan] Collins. The men also allegedly used family members to directly contribute $52,000 to Collins’ campaign and reimburse themselves with employer funds, according to the charging documents.

Now, I’m a fan of any story about Susan Collins that doesn’t include the words “independent,” “maverick,” or “moderate.” But this one is simply delicious.

The US Navy Office of Naval Research awarded Navatek an $8 million contract in the summer of 2019 to develop safer ship hulls. Collins advocated for this funding. The Campaign Legal Center initially raised concerns with the FEC regarding the shell company’s donation in February 2020, which the Hawaii News Agency Civil Beat traced to Kao and company.

The forehead furrows, doesn’t it.

Is it a good day for dinosaur news, CNN? It’s always a good day for dinosaur news!

The researchers used CT imaging to determine that the abnormal bone growth likely formed in response to an infection of Dolly’s air sacs. The dinosaur had a complex respiratory system and air sacs connected to its lungs.

Researchers believe the diplodocid developed a respiratory infection in its air sacs and the infection then spread to the bones of its neck. “During times of trauma, bones can grow quite quickly, so I would imagine that overall we’re looking at a prolonged infection that happened in the last year of Dolly’s life,” said Woodruff in an email.

See what happens when you don’t hide and/or get the fucking callback? A big meteor is coming, and as fast as you can sneeze, you’re off. It’s just science. I don’t make the rules. Be content that they lived then to make us happy now.

I’ll be back on Monday with more details on the connection between the National Archives and the White House plumbing. Be well and play well, you bastards. Stay above the snake line, wear the fucking mask and get the fucking hits, especially the fucking boosters.

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