The 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books presents Religious Faith and Reason: A Brief Introduction

Understand the nature of religion and its concepts in the context of human phenomenon

This book is a sobering reminder of what most people often forget to do when it comes to religion and life in general: apply reason.

—Sarah Stafford, Amazon Customer Review

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 19, 2022 / — Author Frank B. Nieman will be one of the featured authors at the upcoming 2022 Los Angeles Festival of Books with his published book titled Religious Faith and Reason: A Brief Introduction. A guide to help potential readers understand the nature of religion and its concepts. It is aimed at students during religion lessons, people interested in identifying with a religion or curious people. Religion is meant to give a clear answer to the mystery of humanity as a species and the nature of its intended direction. The book offers a rational approach to the extravagant concept of religion, a better understanding coming from an expert in religious matters.

“An eloquent and refreshing vision of personal religious practice based on unconditional love of God and unconditional love of neighbour, including love and forgiveness for enemies; and respect for the equality and dignity of every human being. Personal faith and reason are not only compatible but complementary.
— Barnes & Noble customer review

“I like Nieman’s independence as a theologian. His metaphorical theology is even deeper than his integral philosophy. Unintimidated by dogma, he reasons freely about any mystery, even one as central to Christianity as Holy Communion.
— Amazon Customer Reviews

Frank B. Nieman earned a degree in Classical Languages ​​and Philosophy. He has a doctorate in theology. He was dean and president for many years of the School of Applied Theology, part of the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. Mr. Nieman is married, father and grandfather.

Religious faith and reason: a brief introduction
Written by: Frank B. Nieman
Paperback |

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