The Best Paper Airplane Books for Learning an Age-Old Craft

If there’s one paper craft that everyone has probably tried at least once, it’s the craft of folding a paper airplane. From gliders to darts, these lightweight gliders have been around for millennia, captivating not only children but adults, from Leonardo da Vinci to Jack Northrop, the co-founder of Lockheed Corporation. As well as illustrating aerodynamic design and theory, these folded planes, whether simple or very complex, can be just plain fun to make. Plus, they stretch the creative mind, challenging you to unleash the potential of a single sheet of paper. Below, our pick of the best paper airplane books to get you airborne in no time.

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1. Klutz Book of Paper Aircrafts DIY Kit

Although designed to appeal to children, this fun craft book will also delight any adult interested in aerodynamics. With clear instructions and eye-catching, well-printed graphics, it walks you through 10 great-flying paper airplanes with fancy names like the Flying Ninja and the Pteroplane. The book is spiral bound, making it easy to lay flat, and includes a generous supply of jazzy patterned papers so you can get started on your folding journey right away. It also includes a simple explanation of paper airplane physics for those curious about this demanding contraption.

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2. Paper Airplane Book for Kids

This book is filled with creative projects that make the paper airplane experience a little more original. It includes clear instructions and diagrams for 16 models, including those shaped and designed to look like a slice of pizza, a bat, a butterfly, and a spider. Just use the included paper, which is printed with wacky designs, to bring them to life. The sheets also include handy dotted lines to bend so you can work as precisely as possible. The planes stay in the air for a fair amount of time, which isn’t surprising given that one of the book’s co-editors is a former Guinness World Record holder for paper plane time afloat.

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3. Phew! easy paper planes for kids

Intended for toddlers aged 3 to 7, this book combines the favorite pastime of coloring with the art of folding. The pages are perforated for easy tearing, and each features black and white designs that users can color in. Our main complaint is that all the planes are identical, so it’s not the best product for those hoping to learn. new folds. However, it is a great option for making similar planes for paper throwing competitions.

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4. The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book

This book features challenging and satisfying folds that are best suited to those who are detail oriented and patient and who may have some prior experience with paper airplanes. Written by paper-to-airplane distance world record holder John M. Collins, it shows you how to make 22 separate airplane models, with handy tear-off pages and step-by-step illustrated instructions. Because the folds can be a little messy, this is best suited for adults (or kids who have lots of adult supervision). Collins also provides great tips for soaring successfully.

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5. Publications International Paper Airplane Kit

Another kid-friendly option, this book comes in a kit that provides everything you need to fold and create custom airplanes. Instructions walk you through the steps to craft 100 types of aircraft, from aerobatic planes to starships. All fly far and fast, some even spinning or boomeranging. You also get sheets of paper, with dotted guides for folding, which have a good weight to make well-structured and durable planes. Also included are loads of stickers to decorate your creations with and strong rubber bands to toss them around when they’re ready.

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