The Delta Record | Argo Books Hosts Forensic Science Workshop

BUCKHANNON — On Saturday, July 30, stop by Argo Books from noon to 3 p.m. for a forensic science workshop with Professor Kristy Henson of Fairmont State University. Ages 10 and up are welcome.

Part 1: Secrets in Bone – 1.5 hours

Join a professor who specializes in human skeletal remains (forensic anthropology) and learn how to uncover evidence in bones. Learn how to identify the age, sex and size of a skeleton. Also learn whether a bone belongs to an animal or a person through hands-on exploration of the skeletons.

Part I: Labeling and Learning Bones

Part II: Osteometric measurements

Part III: Determine gender

Part IV: Determine Ancestry

Part V: Age determination

Part VI: Determination of height

Part 2: A Bloody Mess – 1.5 hours

Forensic scientists get a lot of information from blood taken from a crime scene. In this workshop, students will learn what is in blood, how to determine blood type, match DNA extracted from blood, and calculate blood spatter. Find out how forensic scientists solve a crime with just a few drops of blood.

Part I: Learn about the different blood types and how blood type is used at a crime scene. Try to match the blood type to the crime scene.

Part II: Discuss the blood cells you use to extract DNA, then examine the DNA profiles and try to match them to the crime scene.

Part III: Observe blood splatters on different surfaces. Learn how to calculate the impact angle of blood spatter, then test these techniques on different surfaces.

Colin L. Johnson