The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents Dream World: Tales of American Life in the 20th Century

I became your first chapter, would I still be there in your last chapter?

“Love is one thing, marriage is another. Love is fun, but marriage is serious. You have to be smart when you get married…”

—William Charles Krebs

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 6, 2022 / — University of Chicago graduate William Krebs publishes a thoroughly immersive exploration of the 1970s and the reality of building independence and romantic relationships between young couples, a book centered on Dream World: Tales of American Life in the 20th Century “This novel is an epic romance that follows two young individuals on their journey to independence and the discovery of love with each other. – The American Book Review.

The writing of this novel is quite descriptive, fully developing their characters, origins and families. Beyond the two main protagonists Liz and Willie, the minor characters are also three-dimensional characters with full backstories and their own stories that are included in this book. Therefore, the story does not only revolve around the relationship of the main characters with each other and with the other characters, but the readers will also be immersed in various background stories and relationships which will surely add to the inescapable factors of the novel.

Dream World: Tales of American Life in the 20th Century sheds light on the relationship between the two main protagonists, Liz and Willie. Liz Anderson from Michigan and Willie Johnson from Ohio both enter college with the idea that they want to be more independent of their parents. However, this proves difficult when each of them attends schools close to their family home. For this reason, both seek a place elsewhere.

Dream World: Tales of American Life in the 20th Century’s 1970 is most likely inspired by when William originally wrote the book, although it was not published until much later when his wife Sibyl set out this effort to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. As a result, the book immerses readers in the period, including serious themes like the women’s liberation movement. Another major setting is Dream World itself, a theme park that resembles Disney World.

Although the main story is one of love, this book also immerses readers in the reality of building independence and loving relationships between young couples, which many readers can relate to if the shoe suits them. .

“It’s certainly a payoff for anyone who has read this novel, as these characters will certainly feel like close friends who would be happy to return.” – American book reviews. William Krebs was born in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Chicago and was employed by RR Donnelley & Sons Co. He retired and later moved to Arizona. William also wrote three other novels before his death, and so the world he describes so richly can live on as
the others are published.
Dream World: Stories of American Life in the 20th Century
Written by: William Charles Krebs
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