The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents The Barkuu: Dawn of a Species

The author takes us on a sci-fi story, a coming-of-age tale and an apocalyptic fable

“In haste, Evo had sprinted through the garden, across the field and straight into the forest. There was nothing like it for hundreds of miles – just a national forest dotted with hiking trails.

—Lauren Wright

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 12, 2022 / — Author Lauren Wright has released the title of her book The Barkuu: Dawn of a Species. The story is about an ancient race of beings who staged events that bring humanity down and force them back to being a natural species. They rectify the planet and settle there, using people’s biology to design bodies for this planet. Hundreds of years later, mankind is hunted like animals and treated like cattle. How will humanity get out of it, when subjugation by a real
are advanced species their only option?

“The relentless momentum, the narrative propels readers, and the subtle characterizations and deft plot elevate the story even further. Throughout, Wright weaves reflections on issues such as environmental disasters, identity, individual struggles, love and relationships. Different characters come and go, a few only stay for a short time, creating confusion. However, Wright manages to convey both authenticity and pathos to his various characters, especially Onyana whose relentless struggles due to her secret identity are rooted in reality. This fast-paced novel, with its well-developed characters, crisp prose, and authentic assumption about outer space, should strongly appeal to early readers of fast and light novels.
science fiction.” — BookView review.

“Some readers may find it too difficult to accept the huge cast of characters with their intricately crafted stories, but Wright’s crisp prose and fast, moving narrative ensure readers stay invested until the end. .. Sci-fi readers will applaud the upbeat message about mankind’s survival in dire circumstances. It’s a successful blend of sci-fi thriller, coming-of-age tale, tender story of love, of individual struggles,
environmental commentary and apocalyptic fable. — Criticism of the book of the Prairies.

The Barkuu: the dawn of a species
Written by: Lauren Wright
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