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The coronavirus is not a reason to be sad at home, to grasp and eliminate the stress of enforced self-isolation. When the TV shows are boring, the news is scary, the games on the console aren’t encouraging, and your favorite movies have already been reviewed multiple times, it’s time to start reading books. The delivery works, no one has turned off the Internet yet, there is only one question: what to read? We have selected the most curious reading material that will bring real pleasure to car lovers.

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1. The Complete Encyclopedia of Vintage Cars: Sports Cars and Sedans 1886-1940

The author of these encyclopedias wrote 32 books and an unlimited number of articles and notes on classic cars in his lifetime. Among them were the stories of individual models and brands, but above all Box Rob de la Rive paid attention to various encyclopedias and collections. These two of his most famous works can be described as an atlas of cars produced before 1975. They do not contain a list of all the cars produced in the world but describe the most interesting ones. In addition to information on the technical characteristics of the models and statistics, books will tell their stories. And also about famous car manufacturers, about companies that have disappeared, having managed to release only one or two remarkable models. The car brands are listed in alphabetical order (A to Z). The encyclopedias contain about 2000 color photographs.

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2. American cars: the cars that made America

If you are interested in the automotive industry of a particular country, we recommend that you turn your attention to the book in Craig Cheetham: “American Cars: The Automobiles That Made America”. On the pages of the book, the author tells about 218 world-famous cars that were produced in the United States over the past century. Colorful illustrations, technical specifications and detailed descriptions of each machine’s design features promise exciting reading for tech enthusiasts.

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3. The 100 cult cars

What did you know about the Lamborgini Miura, the little Porsche 959 or the Ferrari Dino 246 GT? Meanwhile, it was these sports cars that were considered a cult in the 60s and 80s of the last century. Their engines developed more than 300 hp. second. Top speed exceeded 200 km/h and acceleration to “hundreds” took less than five seconds. These cars were considered a luxury then and even more so now. Today, the price tags on it consist of seven-digit numbers, of course, in euros. However, if you are still eager to try these iron horses, rent them on – this option is much more affordable).

Fabrice ConnenThe book tells about the best creations of the world automobile industry of the 20th century and managed to accommodate, objectively, the most popular models from all over the world.

4. King Flivver: A Ford-America Story

Speaking of the American automobile industry, one cannot ignore the most emblematic personality: the founder of the “blue oval”, the legendary Henry Ford, who lived a very interesting and eventful life, full of unique solutions and fierce battles.

Maybe the best way to find out is Upton Sinclair”King Flivver: A Ford-America Story », which tells the story of the Ford legend from the beginning. The same cult saga about the garage, sung in the myths of American cinema, in which it all began. The novel explains many of Henry Ford’s decisions, describes the obstacles that regularly stood in his way, and clarifies perhaps the most important truth: who the man who became the symbol of his country really was.

The story of Ford is not only that of the legendary Ford A or F-100, Mustang and Focus, “Ford against Ferrari” and the creation of a multinational company. Rather, it is a saga about the importance of a leader who can make a decision.

5. The Top Gear years

And, of course, a must-read book from the former Top Gear car show host Jeremy Clarkson – “The Top Gear years. This book has it all: a great syllable, an independent stance on sensitive topics and, of course, subtle English humor – delving into the life and thoughts of a popular presenter, we assure you, you won’t notice how ends your imprisonment.

The author, as always, is not just about cars. Individual politicians and entire countries fall for the showman’s sharp tongue, and the humor sometimes slips from restrained Britons to vulgarity. Whatever Jeremy Clarkson writes, it always comes out brilliant, biting, precise and truthful. This is especially true for cars. The book includes articles written from 1993 to 2011. Each period begins with a list of the best cars of the season, as well as the top 5 songs and the 5 highest-grossing films.

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Motorists today have the opportunity to look at the world of engines from the outside, without haste. And although it is much more informative for the driver to watch the next review of a separate model, printed publications have not lost their relevance, since they contain many interesting facts from the entire production history of various cars and give the unique experience of their authors.

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