TSPSC Group 1 Syllabus, Reference Works

The Telangana government is going to issue a notification to fill 80,039 vacancies. This announcement has given new energy to job candidates. Here is the syllabus and list of books to refer to the TSPSC Group-I exam.

TSPSC Group I is a three-step exam:

Preliminary examination
Sector Review
Personality test

Preliminary examination consists of a single article titled General Studies and Mental Ability

Sector Review consists of six papers with each paper having a weight of 150 points

Personality test is an oral interview for 100 points

Recommended resources:

IR of a standard GK book like Manorama

General Science: India’s Achievements in Science and Technology

The basics of physics, chemistry and biology as well as developments in space technology, defense technology and biotechnology in India, satellite launches and missiles should be covered.

NCERT Class 8 to 10 Science Textbooks – for science basics ISRO website – for significant achievements in science and technology IYB – Space and Defense Technology Chapters – for achievements in science and technology.

Environmental problems:

Disaster Management – Prevention and Mitigation Strategies. Students should focus on topics such as the meaning of sustainable development and disaster management, mountain peaks, newly discovered species, endangered species, names and locations of recent disasters.

NCERT Class 8-10 Disaster Management Handbooks, ICSE Class 8-12 Environment Handbooks

Economic and social development of India:

Economy concepts like national income, types of plans, data related to economy (GDP, budget deficit) and social development (e.g. – IMR, MMR, Child Sex ratio), and details of programs and policies initiated by the Government of India.

Recommended resources:

Indian Economy by Dutt and Sundaram – for concepts NCERT Class 9 to 12 Economy textbooks – for concepts Socio-Economic Survey of India – for economic data and diagrams.

(Inputs from Telangana Today)

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Colin L. Johnson